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Future interdiction des raquettes contenant du bois en 2015?????


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Dimanche 12 Janvier 2014 11:19

Que pensez-vous de cette nouvelle adaptation proposée par l'ITTF?

ITTF President Adham Sharara has announced that the ITTF will ban all rackets containing wood on July 1 2015.

“The lead-up to the transition to seamless plastic balls in 2014 has been so successful, we’ve decided to begin the transition to an all-plastic sport as soon as possible,” he said.

“We’re transitioning from celluloid balls because celluloid is a hazardous material to manufacture, and I realised that wood rackets are hazardous to the health of trees. The ITTF can’t be seen to supporting something like that either. Also, plastic is much more environmentally friendly. It takes thousands of years to break down, so it can be reused for generations.”

“Of course, because I’m a strong leader, I sought the opinion of an environmental expert before making this decision. She said ‘Are you insane?’, to which I replied: ‘No, I am not. You’re right; an insane person could never have had such a great idea. Thank you for your input, madam’. Then I hung up, because I’m also a very busy leader and only have time to answer one question at a time.”

Sharara continued: “With plastic balls AND rackets, every rally will be a long one. People will forget the word ‘boredom’ and remember only ‘table tennis’ instead.”

When asked about the connection between ITTF board member Joachim Kuhn and the patent for the new plastic ball, which is apparently owned by Kuhn’s wife, and the conflict of interest that creates, Sharara said, “I’m sorry, I can’t answer difficult questions and count at the same time. Please call back later.”

For those that haven’t figured it out, this article is a satire (except for the conflict of interest part), but in the ITTF really is planning to change the laws of table tennis to introduce a seamless plastic ball. You can read summaries of the recent events regarding the patent issues here and here.
Sois réaliste, demande l'impossible!

Dimanche 12 Janvier 2014 11:21

Distraction oblige, j'ai lu trop vite car en fin d'article on indique qu'il s'agit d'une "satire"!! Donc intox Émoticône
Sois réaliste, demande l'impossible!

Dimanche 12 Janvier 2014 15:33

il ne faut pas sauter sur tout ce qui bouge.

Dimanche 12 Janvier 2014 18:54

Sois réaliste, demande l'impossible!

Dimanche 12 Janvier 2014 23:02

Oui je me suis fait avoir l'année dernière aussi : http://www.tennis-de-table.com/forums/sujet-60422-1.html Clin d'oeil
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Lundi 13 Janvier 2014 08:29

Faut vraiment le faire enfermer ce type...
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