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Mardi 11 Juin 2013 17:42

Dear TT friends,

I’m Fabio Colombo, Corresponding Member of ITTF Sport Science Committee. I recently wrote a book about the history of Italian Table Tennis and would like to let you know about it (see attachments). The publisher would be glad if you could inform TT enthusiasts, associations and everyone who could be interested in reading it.
Thank you very much.
Yours truly.
Dr. Fabio Colombo

History, protagonists, statistics and curiosities of
In Italy. From the origins to the present day
by Fabio Colombo and Giorgio Malisani
+ 500 pages +over 450 pictures of athletes, managers and personalities
+ Volume format 17 x 24 cm
+ Price for Europe (including shipping costs): 45,oo €uros
An extraordinary and detailed historic, statistical and photographical research for a unique book, which is going to be a cornerstone of Italian tennis table.
The first part deals with the history of Italian tennis table, from its origins (beginning of the ‘30s) until the present day. It is updated to the first months of 2013.
Particular attention is paid to disabled athletes.
Part two features around seventy profiles of the greatest champions, both Italian and foreign, who have played or trained in our Country.
There are also detailed statistics dedicated to table tennis:
• All the winners of national titles (individual and team championships of first, second, third and fourth category. Junior and senior);
• Italian rankings from 1948 to 2012 plus other data;
• The results of our national team and of the Italian athletes in all the main International competitions.

The last part features the results of the international events (Olympic Games, World, European, Asian championships, Asian Games, World Cup, Top 12, etc.) and the world rankings from 1929 to 2012. The book finishes with a rather peculiar world ranking which includes around 500 players (250 men and 250 women), winners of individual and team medals at the Olympic Games or at the World Championships.
The text, of over 500 pages, features more than 450 pictures and a wide bibliography with around 150 Italian and foreign books.

The book aims at filling an empty space, given that – with the exception of a 1985 text – there are no other books dealing with Italian table tennis history in such a detailed way.
These characteristics and the great deal of international and national data contained in the book (a real gem is represented by the lists of winners of the Asian Games and Championships and by the world rankings from 1927 to 2012, which had never been published before by any Italian or foreign publication) make this volume worthy of being part of the library of table tennis fans, both young and old.
The book can be ordered from:
Dr Roberto Vallardi

Via Carlo Borromeo,1
20871 Oreno di VIMERCATE (MB) - Italia

tel (+39) 039 90 80 276
fax (+39) 039 90 80 275
Company email : segreteria@editvallardi.com
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